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We hypothesize that cancer is an intelligent disease and it must be treated in a different way rather than hacking t away. 

To understand the behavior of a solid tumor, we need to understand it's 'psyche' first.

In our lab, we are trying to identify different behavioral aspects of a tumor by creating an in vitro breast tumor model. 

Currently, we are working on three fronts to understand the tumor in a 'pro-tumor' way. 


Tumor microenvironment (TME) subjects to different stress conditions.

The tumor microenvironment interprets the stress and re-engineers its own metabolic pathways to handle the stress.

It can remain dormant or becomes aggressive and metastasis. 

Tumor-stromal interaction

Tumor interacts and recruits stromal cells such as fibroblasts and immune cells to do its bidding. 

We want to understand the physical ways such as 'Tunnelling nanotubes' responsible for Tumor-stromal interactions. 


Tumor environment also contains immune cells such as macrophages, T cells and NK cells. Using a unique in vitro model we are studying the TIME in detail and how it can 'educate' the immune cells such as macrophages.

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